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VR Equipment Rentals in Orlando, FL

Virtual Reality Experience in Orlando FL

VR Equipment Rentals in Orlando, FL

Bring an immersive experience to your next gathering with our VR equipment rentals in Orlando, FL. We are a full-service virtual reality rental company in Orlando, Florida. Our professionals are proud to offer the most advanced virtual reality experience, including interactive, educational, and training experiences that are perfect for a wide range of events, outings, workshops, and parties.

We don't just provide the best party VR experience on the market, we also offer top-of-the-line virtual reality equipment that's perfect for fundraisers and corporate events. With our help, you can transport your co-workers, guests, or friends to an unbelievable dimension that fits snugly into a headset.

Contact us to learn about our VR equipment rentals, which include a vast array of interactive games, including racing, exploration, and even FPS options.

VRtuality Orlando
Orlando, Fl 32837
Phone: (407) 329-4066

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