Who Even Rents Bouncy Houses Anymore?

VR Systems in Orlando, FL

VR Systems in Orlando, FL

VRtuality Orlando will bring the adventure straight to your next party.  Just see what others had to say about our VR systems in Orlando, FL! Contact us today.

I cannot believe how much of a difference a headset could make. I was transported instantly just by putting it on.

- Diego R.

I want to buy my own, that's how cool this thing is. Not just playing with it, but watching others play with it. The whole thing is just an overall awesome experience, big kudos to the VRtuality team.

- Nicole F.

I'm too old to play video games, but when I tried the VR golf - I was completely amazed at how real it felt. It was as if I got 18 in without leaving the house. Great fun for all ages, awesome fun with this and the VRtuality team.

- Chris G.

It was a very interesting experience; I have never seen or had the chance to stand next to a life size whale, this is a fun and safe experience for all ages, along with the VR ambassadors, proper professionalism and knowledge of their systems.

- German G.

I hired VRtuality for an onsite team building activity with my employees and I was blown away, I kind of want to buy my own.

- Kelvin V.

Truly immersive stuff, definitely glad I chose this over a bouncy house for my kids.

- Daniel I.

Virtual Reality in Orlando, FL


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